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4 Tips on Helping Your Child Relax in Social Settings

Posted on 07-16-2014 | Kids R Kids of Charlotte


It is quite important for a preschool child to have a group of friends or a social setting where he/she feels comfortable. While some children have an innate natural ability to interact effortlessly in social settings, your child may be one who is more introverted and exhibits reservations around other children his age. This attribute can be quite obvious very early on and can be discouraging for parents who want their children to thrive around others. Children who make friends easily are typically invited to many events and parties and have no trouble expressing his/her needs, opinions or desires. Classified as “friend magnets,” these socially-inept children attract new friends to play with easily. Though, many other children are not as comfortable. In fact, they may need something similar to coaching or guidance in the arena of social interactions. Quite a bit of encouragement will be necessary for helping your child feel comfortable in new settings. But it is possible!

4 tips to help your child relax in social settings:

  1. Create a comfortable space to invite others into. Many children feel more comfortable in their own homes. So, encourage your child to invite friends over to your house to play. Make sure plenty of games and activities are available; and having a few good snacks on hand, never hurts either!
  2. Get involved in the community. What activities interest your child? Seek them out in your community and help your child get involved! As the parent, it is important that you begin building relationships with the other parents involved. Making friends is a lot easier when the parents are friends, and serves as a great example for your child socially.
  3. Notify childcare staff and teachers. If your child attends a childcare, daycare or preschool, ask for assistance with your child’s discomfort in social settings. Discuss your concerns with his teachers and staff and give them the opportunity to help your child grow. Double check that your child’s childcare facility’s programs are designed to encourage new friendships among children. Look for a staff that is qualified to recognize children who seem to be experiencing social anxiety and need help making friends.
  4. Role play with your child. Acting out potential social scenarios with your child can be quite helpful. Act as if you are another child who is playing alone near your child. Give different options for how you child can respond or approach this potential friend. Help your child learn how to ask another child, “Do you want to play?” Then role play by offering possible responses to questions from other children. For example, if another child asks, “What are you doing?” Your child’s response might be, “I’m building a tower with my blocks, would you like to help me?”

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte, our programs are designed to maximize friendly interactions between children and teachers, no matter the nationality, religious belief, or cultural differences. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we encourage infants, toddlers and preschool children. If you are in the Concord, Huntersville, or University areas of Charlotte, North Carolina, we would love to have you stop by for a tour! For additional help on this topic, here is an informative article that you might find useful.

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