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Fun Ways to Enhance Your Preschooler’s Math Skills

Posted on 04-15-2015

Children learn in many different ways. They learn in preschool, at home, through using the five senses, and through various experiences. It’s important to use different opportunities to help young learners comprehend the subject and remember what is being taught. Math is one subject that offers many ways to learn through daily activities that children enjoy.

Take a look at these creative ways to enhance your preschooler’s math skills:

  • Organizing toys – Give your child the responsibility to organize toys in a particular manner. Put the small ones and large ones in a particular place. Put the same colors together. Your child can also count the toys in each container to remember how many toys are able to fit. The toys can also be put away based on shape and type.
  • Guessing weights - Ask your child to guess which toy is the heaviest. Then, show your child how to use a scale to weigh the toys and see if the guess was correct.
  • Matching - Play a match game. Ask your children to choose 2 items in the house that weigh the same. Then place the items on the scale and see who is correct.
  • Looking for patterns – Ask your child to walk around your home and look for matching patterns, lines or shapes. See who can find the most patterns.
  • Do a puzzle together - Help your child organize the steps to complete the puzzle (place the end pieces together, place similar colors together, etc.).
  • Counting money - Purposefully leave change in your purse or pocket. Make an offer to your child to keep the change if he or she can tell you the exact amount of money you have.
  • Measuring food – Invite your child to help you prepare a dish. For example, tell your child, “Would you give me 3 strawberries, 1 egg, and 1 cup of milk, etc.”

There are so many ways for your toddler or preschool child to learn math concepts. Thinking that involves numbers, shapes, patterns, or structures can help with math skills. Even simple tasks can be beneficial. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte, we teach children in many different ways. A child can learn outside on the playground, on a summer camp field trip, and of course, in our classrooms. We understand that bridging the gap between home and school also helps with your child’s success.

For more ideas on ways you can partner with us to give your child the best learning experience possible, contact us today.

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